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Premiere Pro: Find, Apply & Modify Audio & Video Transitions [v]

In this short video tutorial, Larry Jordan illustrates a variety of ways to find, apply and modify audio and video transitions in Premiere Pro.

Final Cut Pro X: Create and Use Proxy Files

Proxy files simplify working with video files. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to create and use them in Apple Final Cut Pro X.

Create a Performance Video Wall in Final Cut Pro X

Video walls for performances are very popular. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to create them, using Final Cut Pro X and the Griddy plugin from FXFactory.

Quickly Transfer Photos and Video Using Image Capture on a Mac

I’m impressed with how Image Capture simplifies moving files between iPhone and Mac. It is easy to use, capable, fast and secure. And, best of all, it’s already installed on your system.

Premiere Pro: Use the Source Monitor to Review and Mark Video Clips [v]

In this short video tutorial, Larry Jordan shows how to use the Source Monitor in Adobe Premiere Pro to review and mark video clips for editing.

Premiere Pro: How to Create 3-point, Back-time & Replace Edits [v]

In this short video tutorial, Larry Jordan shows how to perform three advanced editing techniques in Adobe Premiere Pro: 3-Point, Back-time and Replace edits.

Premiere Pro: Tips to Organize Clips in the Timeline [v]

In this short video tutorial, Larry Jordan illustrates different techniques to organize, move, copy and delete clips in the Adobe Premiere timeline.

June, 2020: Adobe Updates Everything, Again

Adobe announced a flock of new updates. Here’s a summary of what’s new for audio and video folks, plus links for more information.

Final Cut Pro X: Benefits of the Background Tasks Window

One of the reasons Final Cut Pro X is so fast is that it completes a lot of its work in the background. The Background Tasks window monitors all this activity. Here’s how to use it.

Final Cut Pro X: Mysteries of the Timeline Index

If you haven’t used the Timeline Index, you are missing a powerful tool to help track and organize the contents of your projects. Here’s what it does and how to use it.

Automatically Transcode Media & Create Proxy Files in Adobe Premiere Pro [v]

In this short video tutorial, Larry Jordan explains how to automatically transcode media from one format to another, plus create proxy files, during import in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Access, Add, Modify and Delete Keyboard Shortcuts in Adobe Premiere Pro [v]

In this short video tutorial, Larry Jordan shows how to access, add, modify and delete keyboard shortcuts for Adobe Premiere Pro.

Optimize Premiere Pro Preferences for Video Editing [v]

In this short video tutorial, Larry Jordan illustrates how to optimize Premiere Pro’s preference settings for video editing.

Copy Files From an iPhone to a Mac – FAST! [v]

In this short video excerpt, Larry Jordan demonstrates a very fast technique to copy files from an iPhone to a Mac.

Content ‘Velocity’ Is More Important Than Quality

Content ‘Velocity’ Is More Important Than Quality. Larry Jordan interviews Jess Hartmann, CEO, ProMax, about changes in video post-production as we emerge from the pandemic.

3 – 2 – 1 Backup Strategy

A backup strategy for video production and editing to make sure you can find the assets you need when you need them.

Premiere Pro: A Fast Way to Set Grayscale Values

A fast, automated method to optimize grayscale (exposure) settings to video clips in Adobe Premiere Pro.

First Look: ChronoX 1.2 from EVRapp

ChronoX is a very useful app for testing your system in a real-world setting to help you maximize its performance. Here’s a detailed look at what it is and how it works.

Premiere Pro 2020: Two New Features

An illustrated tutorial to two new Premiere features: Effect filtering and keyboard shortcuts for marker colors.

Thoughts on Restarting the Media Industry – Mark Harrison, DPP

An interview with Mark Harrison, managing director of DPP, on what the near-term future holds for restarting the media industry after the COVID-19 pandemic.