Tip Of The Day

How to Prevent Link Breakage

A Tip to Make Sure Your Editing Goes Uninterrupted

Software: Apple FCP X

If you don’t ever want to deal with broken links within Final Cut Pro, or rather you never want missing media within your project, you have the option to store all media being used in that project inside of the Library in Final Cut Pro. Though this copies over all of your media and usually makes the FCP project file quite large, you will never have to deal with broken links because the media is being stored within the project.

When importing media into a project, a separate dialog box will pop up, asking if you want to Copy to Library or Leave Files in Place. Here, you want to choose Copy to Library. By doing so, your project will always be referring to those files that are copied into your project file; never the files that are being stored outside of the FCP Library. This way, you can move the source media files wherever you want, and your project will be unaffected.

Most users choose to do the opposite (Leave Files in Place), because they may have multiple editors using the same media for different projects. However, there are three main reasons for copying files to your Library: the files are stored within the Library, thus preventing broken links, it’s easier to backup your files with a single FCP project file, and it’s easier to transfer these files as well.