Top Five Video Creation Tools for Teachers and Students

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Videos are ways to pass information visually and aurally. The use of videos is essential in the academic world because students are drawn to visuals. Teachers give their students assignments that require video to help them learn more creating videos. The basic idea is that if young people enjoy videos as entertainment, they can also be applied academically.

According to Twincities, teachers make videos to enhance the learning opportunities for their students. Teachers need to create videos that can display their topics effectively. Students use media software to turn in assignments and projects; as well as to create jobs for themselves as content creators, YouTubers, and the like.

These tasks require video creation and video editing tools.


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There is a variety of software that enhances creating videos that are eye-catching and good quality. In my research I found five video tools that are especially helpful in education.

Teachers interested in this teaching method should be aware of these different video tools and select one that fits their teaching method. The tool you choose may also need to be approved at your school.


Animoto creates videos or slide shows that makes presentable videos and allows users to edit videos. Launched in September 2006, this software is one of the most-used video editing software for students and, since then, Animoto has been a go-to site for students, administrators, and teachers. It is designed to help non-profit organizations in photography, marketing, and academia. Animoto makes it easy for students and teachers to create and edit videos easily.

However, Animoto is only supported on IOS, the web, and Android devices.


Apple launched iMovie in 1999 with macOS 8. It is a video editing application for iOS and macOS users. A big benefit is that this software is free.

However, iMovie is only supported on IOS and macOS.


Another reputable video software is Camtasia. Released by TechSmith in 2002, this editing software is used by teachers and students.

TechSmith’s Camtasia costs $299.99, based on the size of the business and the number of users.


When it comes to video editing apps, Lightworks works! Both students and teachers use this to create and edit videos to to achieve professional results. It was launched in 1989 by LWKS Software Ltd.

However, it lacks motion tracking and video masking.


Screenflow is another excellent choice for video editing and sound recording software. It was launched in 2008 and is available on Mac and iOS devices with exceptional features such as camera & mic recording, zooming, trimming clips, adjusting audio levels, adding drop shadow and reflection etc. It has a stock library with over 500k unique images and videos.

It also allows students to access recorded messages at any time.


Video creates compelling content for teachers and students. The five applications outlined here make the process both easy and fun. If these programs aren’t enough, you can expand into professional video software like DaVinci Resolve, Apple Final Cut Pro, or Adobe Premiere Pro.

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