Review: Syntech USB-A to USB-C Adapters

If you are looking for adapters to convert a USB-A cable to USB-C, these Syntech USB-C to USB-A Adapters are a great choice.

A few months ago, I purchased a pair of these, probably at Best Buy, because I needed to connect some USB-A devices to my MacBook Pro, which only has USB-C/Thunderbolt ports.

I REALLY like these – so much that I just purchased six more directly from Syntech’s website – just in case I lose one.

Product: USB-C to USB-A Adapters
Manufacturer: Syntech
Price: $8.99 (for 2-pack), other combinations available


These do exactly what you expect. They convert a USB-A cable so it can plug into a USB-C port.

What makes me so enthusiastic is that these don’t slowdown whatever device is attached. These simply move wires around, they don’t have any digital innards that require processing time for the signal to move on.

For example, a Samsung T-5 SSD, when connected via USB-C, transfers data at 427 MB/s write and 388 MB/s read. When this adapter is connected, the data transfer is EXACTLY the same. No slowdown. No heat. No excess cable.

These well-built units, wrapped in an aluminum case with a variety of colors, are small, solid, require no extra cable or power, inexpensive and work great.

If you are looking for extra adapters, I recommend these.

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3 Responses to Review: Syntech USB-A to USB-C Adapters

  1. Jim B. says:

    Thanks for the review. I bought some of their A-to-C connections, too, in order to use some old charging warts.

    When these are so inexpensive and easy to use, it makes me wonder why computers still come with USB A connections. Just use USB-C only from this point forward! If needed, manufacturers could throw a few of these in the box so people can get up and running immediately with old USB-A cables.

    When it comes time to sell my Mac Studio in a few years, the USB-A ports on the back will make it look like a dinosaur.

    • Larry Jordan says:


      Thanks for your comment. Sadly, I’ve got a ton of gear – scanners, A/D converters, keyboards and more that all have USB-A connectors. You are probably right that going forward more hardware will have USB-C, but for now, we live in a multi-connector environment.


  2. Eric says:

    Thanks Larry. These adapters are an example of the accessories that return 1000 hits on Amazon; you just know most are made with low quality components. Usually I try and find someone who has done a teardown, or I check Wirecutter.

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