Regain Storage Space – Delete Older FCP X Backups

I was wandering around my hard disk looking for files, when I discovered dozens of megabytes occupied by old Final Cut Pro X library backups.

Backups are created automatically by FCP X every few minutes while you are editing. During the editing process, they are an invaluable safeguard against catastrophe. However, for long-finished projects, they are just taking up space.

NOTE: A backup file, for Final Cut Pro X, is simply a copy of the library file and it’s databases. Backups contain no media.

To see the backups on your system, go to: [User Home Directory] > Movies > Final Cut Backups.

Since a backup is NOT your finished project library, you can delete old backups that you no longer need.

NOTE: Feel free to open a backup folder and see all the projects inside. These are actual, openable, FCP X projects, captured during your edit and stored in a safe place.

Deleting a backup does not damage a library, nor the media it contains. It just gives you some space back. However, as a caution, it is a wise idea not to delete any backups for projects you are working on currently.

Oh, yeah! To delete a backup file or folder, simply drag it to the Trash.

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5 Responses to Regain Storage Space – Delete Older FCP X Backups

  1. Ron Melmon says:

    Good Morning Larry…Merry Christmas! I just cleaned out 300 GB! Many thanks for this and all the best.

  2. Daniele Bellemare Lee says:

    I have a similar problem. Question: Can we put this backupfiles from fcpx on an external disk when the project is not finished and continue to work with our project and libraries without problems? The backups take 155 gb on my hard disk system 500 gb SSD on imac) . My projects is not finished and i have a hard time with my computer because just 80 gb left on a system disk. My library ist heavy 4TB. My system mojave and fcpx.4.6. Of course my libraries are on an external hard drive.

  3. Daniele Bellemare Lee says:

    thanks a lot! you help me!!!!!Have a nice day!,,,

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