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[Updated 1/21/20 with additional comments from Adobe.]

When creating a multicam clip in Adobe Premiere Pro CC, have you ever wondered what the audio settings mean, only to select Automatic?

Well, that’s not a good choice. Let me explain your options.

After you’ve selected the clips you want to build into a multicam clip, then chosen Clip > Create Multicam Source Sequence, this dialog shows up.

If all your audio is stored in one camera clip, choose Sequence Setting > Camera 1. Otherwise, choose Sequence Settings > All Cameras.

This allows up to 32 channels of audio in one audio track. As well, it allows audio from all video sources, not just the first one selected.

Next, here the options in Audio Channels Preset:

In almost all cases, Mono is the best choice for multi-track audio editing.


When dealing with dual-system sound, when Camera 1 is selected and there are audio-only assets present, the audio-only clip will always be the new source audio and the audio from each camera will be muted. Then choose Mono.

Here are Adobe’s rules of thumb for making decisions with these audio options. When it comes to sequence settings you need to decide if you want

  1. To use just the cam 1 audio (or audio only audio)
  2. To use all audio from all cameras
  3. Switch freely between cameras and their linked audio (together or separately)

When it comes to Audio channels preset you need to decide if you want all of your audio to be dropped into the editing timeline as multiple Stereo, Mono, 5.1 or Adaptive clips.

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