FCP X: Create and Assign Roles [Video]

Posted on by Larry

This is an excerpt from a recent PowerUP webinar: Using Roles in Final Cut Pro X. Roles are new with the 10.0.3 update to Final Cut Pro X and allow us to organize and output our projects in new ways.

In this Final Cut Pro video training, I show you how to create new Roles and Sub-Roles, how to assign them to clips, and how to use them in the Timeline Index to organize your project in the Timeline.

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TRT: 6:34 — QuickTime HD movie

NOTE: This video will not play inside FireFox, please use a different browser.

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Final Cut Pro X v.10.2 is a major new update from Apple and it deserves totally updated training. More focused. More complete. Yet, with our trademark conversational approach, in-depth coverage and sense of humor.


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