Easy Fly-Through Text Effect in Motion 5

Our goal, in this tutorial is to create an effect that starts with text filled with a background, then fly through the text to reveal a video beneath.


First, create two groups:

You don’t need to create groups before starting work, but groups definitely help you stay organized.


(Footage Courtesy: Jim Walker and Lobsters Gone Wild Productions)

To import a video:


With the Background group still selected, create either a full-screen color or import a background image placed above the video image.

To create a full-screen background:

OR, to import a background:

For this demo, I imported a background still image. Make sure the background is stacked above the video in the Layers panel.



In this animation, we start with the text filled with the top background, then, as we zoom into the text, the background dissolves into the video.

Also, select the background that has the Fade Out effect applied to it and make sure the background ends when the Fade Out ends.


In the Timeline, set the Dolly effect to end at the same time as the Fade Out effect you added earlier.

NOTE: Make SURE to set the 2D/3D switch for the Background group back to 2D; which displays three rectangles next to each other.

(Click to see larger image.)

This screen shot illustrates the finished effect in progress.

Click here to watch a video of the finished effect.

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2 Responses to Easy Fly-Through Text Effect in Motion 5

  1. Brian Galford says:

    in step two, after importing the video clip, how does one make sure the in and out points are where you need them to be in Motion? Does a video clip automatically live inside whatever layer you had selected? In FCPX, I know how to scroll through a clip on the timeline (using the “T” tool) but I don’t know how to create in and out points or scroll through them in Motion.

    • Larry says:


      To set an In or Out:

      * Select the layer you want to adjust in the Layers panel
      * Put the playhead where you want to set the In or Out in the mini-timeline
      * Type I or O


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