DVD Creator: Another Option to Create DVDs

Posted on by Larry

Many of us were left kicking and screaming as both Apple DVD Studio Pro and Adobe Encore bit the dust. The current DVD burning capabilities from both Apple and Adobe are severely limited – which is why many of us are hanging on to old gear simply to burn DVDs.

Why? Because clients are willing to pay us to create DVDs. And, DVDs are a lot easier to control that download links. While the inexorable march of time is toward downloads and streaming, there is still money to be made in DVDs.

Recently, I discovered that Wondershare publishes DVD Creator. This all-purpose tool makes burning a WIDE variety of DVDs possible. While it does not equal the flexibility of DVD Studio Pro – in fact, nothing really equalled this amazing app once you understood how to use it – still, for media creators who still need to burn DVDs AND use current hardware, this software is worth a look.

This isn’t a product review, because I no longer burn DVDs. But I want to share a conversation I had with the team at Wondershare so that you can decide if this software meets your needs.

Product: DVD Creator
OS Support: Mac and Windows
Developer: Wondershare
Website: dvdcreator.wondershare.com/
Price: $49.95 (subscription) $59.95 (purchase) Team licenses also available.


Here are the key bullet points from the Wondershare website.

Create DVDs With Any Video

Edit DVD Video With the Built-in Video Editor

Flexible Customization of DVD Menus


Recently, I contacted Webber Zhang, Marketing Specialist at Wondershare to learn more about DVD Creator. Here are my questions and his answers.

Larry: Can we create custom menus for it, or must we only use your templates?

Webber: [We have more than 100 templates available and] we can create more menus for you, if you please tell us the kind of menus you need?

Larry: Can we create or import DVD chapter markers?

Webber: You can do that in Windows version only currently.

Larry: Does it support importing closed captions? If so, which formats?

Webber: Yes, currently DVD Creator supports SRT, ASS, and SSA formats.

Larry: Does DVD Creator support burning more than one movie on a DVD; subject to the capacity of the disc?

Webber: Yes, but it also depends on DVD and movie capacities. For example, burn 4 movies (1G) to one DVD (4.7G). (Larry adds: A single layer DVD holds about 4.7 GB, while a dual-layer DVD holds about 8.3 GB. DVD videos are always standard-definition.)

Larry: Does DVD Creator support chapter markers exported from either Premiere or Final Cut Pro X?

Webber: No.

Larry: Does DVD Creator support more than one audio track, say for different languages?

Webber: Doesn’t support multiple audio tracks.

Larry: Does DVD Creator support more than one caption track, again, for multiple languages?

Webber: Doesn’t support multiple closed captions.

Larry: Does DVD Creator allow us to compress the MPEG elemental in other software then merge them in DVD Creator?

Webber: [We may not understand what you are asking.] As Wondershare DVD Creator provides a “Fit to Disc” option in the software itself, therefore you don’t need to use another software [to compress the video].

Larry: Stories were a big feature in DVD Studio Pro. What they allowed was starting playback at a chapter marker, then exiting playback at the next chapter marker. You could then string these different sections together to play a “story.” Does DVD Creator support stories?

Webber: While you can create and access chapter markers, which allows jumping to a specific point in the DVD, story mode is not supported in Wondershare DVD Creator. But the product team will research this feature in DVD Studio Pro when they have time.

Larry: Does DVD Creator allow creating custom menus?

Webber: Only supports using built-in menus at present. If you want to fully-customize menus, that’ll be another deal.

Larry: Can you customize the background image used in a template?

Webber: Yes. Also, if there’s a large number of users at your end, we can provide full customization service.

Larry: Does DVD Creator support burning a dual-layer DVD for more storage capacity?

Webber: Yes.

Larry: Does DVD Creator support creating a disk image for archiving purposes on a hard drive?

Webber: Supports creating ISO files.

Finally, as you mentioned several video conversion tasks, I think you may also be interested in Wondershare Video Converter (videoconverter.wondershare.com/).

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8 Responses to DVD Creator: Another Option to Create DVDs

  1. David Dixon says:

    I sincerely hope this is a good product, as one is needed. I also hope that you get a chance to actually test this, Larry, before recommending it further. I have not tested it either, as the Amazon reviews for this made me back away.

  2. Thanks for this Larry. Some of my clients still want a DVD option. Hopefully my old Mac will never die, but it’s good to know about alternative solutions.

  3. Terry Stewart says:

    Check out DVD Styler a free application custom menu generation.
    Also Adobe has removed DVD authoring from Premier Elements 2019.

    Now have now dumped Adobe edit using Davinci Resolve 16

  4. Howard Silver says:

    Looking at website, I see 2 menu templates that aren’t cringe-worthy

  5. Betsey says:

    After reading this I am still going to continue to boot into Sierra to work in DVD Studio Pro (Sierra is the last MacOS that still allows you to work with DVD Studio). I still shake my head at Apple’s decision to abandon DVD authoring. As you correctly state there is indeed still a viable consumer demand for this service. Unfortunately Apple bailed on disc burning shortly after BluRay became the “new kid on the block” and chose not to develop or expand DVD Studio software to support BluRay authoring or the inclusion BluRay burners in its computers. Now with the introduction of Catalina and it’s support of only 64bit apps I can not justify the expense of the long awaited return of a MacPro tower (as I am certain it will have Catalina pre-installed). As a former Apple Creative (who trained in both Final Cut and DVD Studio, Larry you were our “go to” for the answers we needed for our customers) I grow ever more sad at the feeling of abandon Apple leaves me with every time they take our choices and needs away.

    • Larry says:


      Thanks for your kind words!

      I agree, Apple killed DVDs way too early. DVD Studio Pro would have died by Catalina anyway, but, sigh…, I wish DVD Studio Pro could have lasted a few versions of the macOS longer.


  6. Sandra says:

    I just purchased the wondershare DVD creator today, then realized I cannot burn it on my new computer. Can I save it on a stick.

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