Adobe Audition CS6: Favorite Shortcuts

Posted on by Larry

Hilary White wrote recently asking that, since she is starting to do more work with Audition, could I provide a list of my favorite keyboard shortcuts for the CS6 release.

There are hundreds of menu choices inside Audition and every one of them could have its own keyboard shortcut. In fact, you can have two different shortcuts for the same menu choice – which I find very cool! (As a long time Final Cut user, I added two FCP shortcuts: Shift+Z to Fit to Timeline and A to the Move tool. The rest I’ve been able to learn.)

So, here are the shortcuts I use all the time. (Windows users, substitute Cntrl for Command, and Alt for Option.)


ShortcutWhat It Does
Fit to Window
Command+Fit everything into the window
=Zoom in horizontally
Zoom out horizontally
Option+[equals]Zoom in vertically
Option+[minus]Zoom out vertically
Command+Left ArrowMove playhead to previous edit
Command+Right ArrowMove playhead to next edit
0Display Multitrack session
9Display Waveform Editor


ShortcutWhat It Does
VSelect Arrow (Move) tool
RSelect Razor blade tool for single track, press again for multiple track
TTime selection tool
YSlip tool
Command+KCut all tracks at the position of the playhead


ShortcutWhat It Does
Command+GGroup clips
Shift+Command+GSuspend group without breaking group
Command+EExports Timeline Mix
Shift+Command+EExports Waveform Editor file


ShortcutWhat It Does
Command+TAdds track
Option+Command+DeleteDeletes selected track
DeleteDeletes selection
Shift+DeleteDeletes selected clip(s)
Option+DeleteDeletes selected Time selection and pulls remainder of clip
to left to remove the gap. (Leaves gap at end of clip.)
Shift+Command+DeleteDeletes selected Time Selection and pulls all clips up to remove the gap.


ShortcutWhat It Does
Command+scroll in track headerExpand track height
Command+scroll in TimelineExpand track width
Shift+scroll wheelSlides window left or right
Command+clickSelect multiple items
Command+Shift-clickActivate or deactivate Mute, Solo, Arm for Record,
or Monitor Input for all tracks; click button in any track.
Shift+dragAdjust setting in large increments
Command+dragAdjust setting in small increments
Option+commaNudge selected clip left
Option+periodNudge selected clip right
Shift-dragAllows moving a clip between tracks
without changing horizontal position
Command+drag fade buttonToggles between a linear and cosine fade shape

Let me know if I forgot any of your favorites and I’ll add them.

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2 Responses to Adobe Audition CS6: Favorite Shortcuts

  1. Paul says:

    Is there any way to go back to the middle-click waveform scrolling like in Audition 3?
    I’ve tried out Audition CS5 and 6 and I will honestly never upgrade unless there’s a way to get middle-click scrolling back.

  2. Bob says:

    Larry,I have a track where in the middle of the track I have to remove a pop or noise, how do I join these two tracks without a tick . Please advise ……………..Bob

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