Apple Updates Final Cut Pro, Motion & Compressor

Posted on by Larry

This morning, Oct. 25, Apple updated Final Cut Pro, Motion and Compressor. Here are the details.


Version 10.6.5

Release Notes:


Version 5.6.3

Release Notes:


Version 4.6.3

Release Notes:


4:2:2 codecs provide more color information than 4:2:0, which was the standard for both H.264 and HEVC. Defaulting Compressor to “Faster” means that the compression default uses hardware acceleration.

All these fixes are good news, however, it would be even better to see features added from the long list of Final Cut requests.

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2 Responses to Apple Updates Final Cut Pro, Motion & Compressor

  1. Richard Hale says:

    Apple seems to be more interested in new features rather than fixing the broken ones along the way such as producing Blu-ray disks that won’t play on standard stand-alone players such as Sony and Panasonic. What a rotten apple spoiling the bushel.

    • Larry says:


      Apple’s support – such as it is – for Blu-ray Disc has been a thorn in our side for many, many years. I do not have any hope that Apple will make it better.


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