Adobe’s New Media Replacement Workflow for .MOGRTs

Posted on by Larry

New with the March, 2021, update to Premiere Pro, Motion Graphic templates now support “replaceable media.” These are placeholders which are added in After Effects when the template is created, that can be replaced with different media when the templates is applied in Premiere.

This is a surprisingly powerful and flexible technique. Let me show you how it works.


When Adobe first released motion graphic templates, graphic designers could use all the creative and animation tools in After Effects to create visually compelling motion graphic templates for use in Premiere.

The Premiere editor could then add one of these templates to their project without knowing anything about After Effects and modify the text to match their project. This vastly simplified importing an After Effects comp and customizing it.

But, while we could change text, we couldn’t change anything else. At least, not without getting back into After Effects.

This new release allows an After Effects editor to add media placeholders to their template. These placeholders can have effects and animation applied in AE, then, when imported into Premiere, all those effects are then applied to the new clip that’s added in Premiere to replace the original placeholder.

This is the best of both worlds: customization without needing to understand After Effects.


To add a motion graphics template (often called a .mogrt, which is their file extension) to a Premiere project:

NOTE: If you’ve applied templates in the past, you’ll find them already stored in My Templates

NOTE: Many of the templates that support media replacement are labeled that way, as shown in the screen shot.

NOTE: The easiest way to figure out where Adobe stored your templates is to Control-click the template in the timeline and choose Reveal in Finder (at the bottom). I’d show you the path, but it is eight or nine folders deep.

Put the timeline playhead in the middle of the template to display the template in the Program Monitor. That big, black graphic is the placeholder which we will replace with our own media.


Now, the fun part starts: customizing the template. Every template is different, but based on my example (Modern Media Replacement Title) there are four things we can customize in a template:

To change text:

Footage courtesy: Amy “Catfox” Campion (

To change the image:

NOTE: This last point is important. The only place to change media is by dragging the clip from the Project panel on top of the Essential Graphics > Media Replacement placeholder. Using Effect Controls won’t work.

To adjust the image:

NOTE: This last icon – a curly bracket – is the most important. This allows you to change where an inserted clip starts. In my example, I’m starting the inset graphic 5:06 in from the start of the video. This setting is SO cool because we can quickly and precisely set where the inset starts. Premiere generally doesn’t make these kinds of adjustments that easy to make.

Ta-DAH! Very, very cool!

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