Adobe Premiere Pro CC: The Wrench in the Timeline

Posted on by Larry

Over the years, Adobe has worked to clean up the Premiere interface, remove the clutter and make the remaining tools easier to find and use. But, there is one tool hiding in plain sight that you may not have looked at: the Wrench in the Timeline.

Yup, there’s a wrench in the works for Premiere. Let’s take a look at what it does.

When you click the Wrench icon – located in the top left corner of the Timeline – it displays a menu of options, grouped into six sections, that control the display of the Track Header and clips in the Timeline. (The Track Header are those icons to the left of each track in the Timeline.)


The first three settings determine how clips are displayed in the Timeline:







Most of the time, the default settings will be fine. But, for those times where you need something special, the timeline customization options give you lots of options to work with.

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5 Responses to Adobe Premiere Pro CC: The Wrench in the Timeline

  1. ck says:

    Hi – for some reason I don’t see this wrench, and I can’t seem to change any of the timeline settings (e.g. adjusting the height of a track in the timeline). Did I accidentally toggle something that disabled this function? Is there a way to access the timeline settings other than the wrench? I’m using Adobe Premier Pro 6.0.5.

    • Larry says:


      Your version of Premiere is too old for this setting. When Adobe moved Premiere to the Creative Cloud, they made major changes to the interface by removing elements. It was at this time that the wrench appeared.


  2. Terry Stewart says:

    HI Larry

    I have been dragged kicking and screaming into PP CC 2019 from PPCS6. This due to hardware upgrades.

    As well as loseing Encore which is a real pain.
    I am only getting half of the audio wave forms I like to see peak to peak audio displays.

    Am I missing something. OS: Mac 10.13
    I have the audio but only a peak view>
    Hope you have the answer

    • Larry says:


      I’m not clear about your question. When you say you are “getting half the audio wave forms” do you mean you are not seeing both pairs of a stereo signal, or that you are not seeing the negative (downward) part of a waveform?

      Stereo pairs display automatically as you increase the height of the audio track.

      The timeline only displays “rectified” waveforms, which is the top half, simply to save vertical space. However, if you move these files into Audition for mixing, you’ll see the entire waveform.


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